Biggest Mistakes Company Bloggers Make

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  • bloggingBlogging is a terrific way to share ideas with the world, and to attract traffic to your website, and maybe even to your company’s products or services pages. However, I’ve certainly come across many horrendous company blogs that turn visitors away and leave them with a negative impression of your company overall. Here’s a few of the big reasons you can try to avoid if you manage a company’s blog.

    Avoid Talking About Yourself

    I list this item first because it’s the most violated rule of blogging. It’s not a problem to announce the award your company recently won, or the new hire you just made, but when it’s the only thing that you write about. Think of it this way; would you read a section of the New York Times or watch 15 minutes of Sportscenter if all that they covered is what they’ve done internally in the past month? Successful company blogs are ones that put together useful and quality content for their customers, that have the ability to be shared and spread across other media outlets.

    No Internal Linking

    Just like external links, internal links are picked up and counted by search engines. Although they should be done in moderation, they are quite frankly something not done enough by most websites, and a company blog is a great place to do internal linking. Most likely you’ll be writing about something in your industry, which gives you a relevant and appropriate opportunity to include a link to your product or services page.

    A Whole lot of C+ Content

    It’s the quality over quantity cliché, but it holds true when it comes to blogging. Your fan base won’t read every one of your blog posts if you post every day, but at the same time, they won’t pay attention to your blog if you only post to it twice a year. I like to say that a company blog should be updated with something once a week, although every blog and website is different. Not only will users be actually be able to read all of your quality content, search engines are able to see that your website isn’t dormant, which can have an effect on search engine rankings.

    These tips certainly are not limited to blogging. Any medium in which a company reaches out to its consumers, whether it is social media or print media or anything else can follow these guidelines. Don’t talk much about yourself, find a way to reference other valuable things about your company, and if it’s worth writing then it should be worth reading.

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