6 Tips To Sell Your Website For Top Dollar

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  • Selling a website can be challenging. However, with a little advanced planning, you can maximize the deal and make a lot of money.

    Below, you will find 6 tips to sell your website for the highest amount possible. 

    1. Make Sure Your Website Is Making Money

    About 40% of leads that come through our website are for people selling a website that makes no money or only a couple of hundred dollars per year. Unfortunately these websites have very little value to website buyers. Aim to sell your website when you have a minimum monthly income level of $2,000 per month. 

    2. Get Your Stats Sorted

    If you want to sell your website for a premium, you will need to be able to provide proof of income and traffic. Savvy buyers know that web stats can be manipulated. Therefore, a range of third party statistics can provide peace of mind to potential purchasers. Google Analytics is easy to install and is the most trusted data source for most potential website buyers. Having a long history of analytics data, whether it be Google analytics or another source like Getclicky or Awstats will improve the sale value of your website. Also stats to prove income like affiliate income, paypal data, advertising revenue etc. Don’t be surprised if a potential buyer will ask you to walk you through logging into your accounts over a video conference to verify data that isn’t a screenshot. 

    3. Pick the Right Time To Sell

    how to sell a websitePicking the right time to sell your website can mean a massive difference to the final sale price. Prospective buyers will not only be looking at your current profitability, they will also be looking for trends. If your profits are trending up over the last six to twelve months, this will help you sell your website for a higher price.


    4. Provide a Good Reason For Why You Are Selling Your Website

    One of the first questions many prospective buyers will ask is, “Why are you selling your website?” so be prepared to answer this question with a reasonable answer that does not detract from price tag. Good reasons include the following: because you can put more time into other sites or because your interests have changed (a site about raising kids may not be as interesting to you once your kids leave home for example). If you are selling for the wrong reasons people will see right through that and you won’t be likely to sell your site.

    5. Beef Up Your Profits

    maximizing-profitsThe most important factor that serious buyers consider when determining whether or not to buy a website is how much revenue it has generated over the last six to twelve months. Therefore, before you list your website for sale, it is best to do what you can to beef up your profits. Work on increasing traffic, improving conversions and decreasing costs before putting your website up for sale.


    6. Do Not Sound Over Anxious To Sell

    If it sounds like you are too desperate to sell, people are going to pick up on it. If you sound too anxious, buyers will probably think there is something wrong with your website and not even consider buying it. It is best to project a confident business tone. Just have patience and confidence in the process. 

    At the end of the day if you have a poor website a website broker isn’t going to list your site in the first place. And if some things were missed initially, having ten people doing due diligence on your site is going unearth anything that may be shady.

    Jock Purtle is a website broker for brokercorp.com he can help you sell your website. He is the author of the Ultimate Website Selling Guide. 

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