4 questions to ask before your business goes online

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  • If you are considering to dabble in e-commerce, congratulations, you’ll become one part of a fast growing field. Are you ready to start? Ask yourself the following questions first.

    1. Have you chosen what to sell?

    If you already own an offline business, expanding the business and bringing your products online is the best and easiest choice. If not, do some research and find something suitable to sell online. Think of the following aspects: Niche market / FMCG / Being a supplier, wholesaler or retailer…

    2. Do you need an online store?

    If you just sell second-hand items occasionally or buy and resell something just one time, you should consider using an online auction site or local listing service. But if you want to sell products or services on an ongoing and regular basis, you’d better open your own online store.

    3. How to build an online store?

    One way is to hire a professional team to build an e-commerce website for you. Try the following websites too as you may come across the designers and developers you are looking for:

    Another way is less costly, and not as complicated as it looks. All you need to do is to have a blog or even an online photo album, and then find ways to collect orders and set up an online payment gateway.

    You may find PandaForm is a good choice. It’s free if you sell less than 15 items and get less than 100 orders, so it’s ideal for you as a beginner.

    pandaform, paypal alternative

    You can build a form with Pandaform, various templates and tutorials for you if you have any difficulties.

    Then, publish your form to collect necessary information of an order. PandaForm offers different ways to share the form: embed code, html/css source code, link, email and even facebook.

    Finally, when customers finished the form, they’ll be directed to Paypal and make the payment.

    4. Do you know how to spread the word?

    You don’t need to do everything all at once, but do open a Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest account to keep your potential consumers engaged. It will pay off gradually when you accumulate a group of fans.

    Opening an online business is a rewarding process though you have to be prepared to invest your time and energy. If you believe you have got the answers to the questions above, take action on your entrepreneurial dream and good luck!

    *This is a guest post by PandaForm*

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