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  • On a recent trip to Dubai where I was speaking at an online marketing conference about blogging for businesses, I interviewed James Reynolds about the state of SEO today and how business owners and website owners can stay on the right side of SEO in a time where there are so many changes happening with Google’s search algorithms.

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    In the interview, I ask James about what SEO is today and also about any evergreen SEO strategies that a business owner can continually implement into their websites to make sure that they are always going to be ahead of their competition when it comes to their SEO. I also got James to tell us about a few new strategies that he is implementing for his clients which are getting real results at a time when there is so much uncertainty around SEO and what Google is looking for in websites.

    James owns and runs one of the UAE’s leading SEO agencies and has been a good friend of mine for a number of years now. Every time I visit Dubai for a conference or for a vacation, I always spend some time with James catching up on all the latest SEO and IM strategies. I also interviewed James about doing business in Dubai in another video.

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    • Hemanth Malli

      Yes you are right now-a-days competition is more and many seo service providers are their in the market. We should keep updating with new SEO methods and strategies to be ahead of our competitors. Thanks for sharing your thoughts