3 Ways to Avoid Embarrassing Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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  • Social media is an incredible way to connect with your customers and increase your business’ reach. The relative ease of using popular sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for marketing does come at a small cost, however: it is easy to make very public, and also very embarrassing mistakes.

    Whether you are posting for your small business, or managing a corporate social community team, these 3 tips will help you keep your accounts clean and error free.


    1. Educate yourself and your marketing department on famous social media mistakes so you do not repeat them

    The amount and variety of famous users making very public mistakes on social media these days are astounding. Educating yourself and your team about the different kinds of errors that have been made already is the first step in preventing errors from occurring in your own marketing department.

    MDG Advertising has a great infographic that outlines the sheer scope of social media blunders, the cast of characters making these mistakes and the results of their actions. Analyze this infographic to understand the range of consequences that often come with social media blunders. 

    2. Always use a private browser that forces you to manually enter passwords when using social media for business.

    If you are running your business’ social media from your personal computer, always use private or incognito browsing when you are managing company pages. Google Chrome’s incognito feature will force you to reenter the login details for all social media sites every time that you login. Using a different browser where you are forced to login each time you are on business accounts makes it harder to send a personal tweet from a business account.

    If the social media worker that Chrysler had hired had been using this tactic, the following tweet (which was meant for their personal account) most likely would not have made it to the official Chrysler twitter account.

    “I find it ironic that Detroit is known as the #motorcity and yet no one here knows how to f*cking drive.” 

    3. Use an online proofreader such as Ginger’s contextual spelling and grammar checker to avoid silly mistakes.

    Today it is easy to compose a quick Facebook post or tweet to your millions of fans with an accidental typo in it. Yes, tweets and posts can be deleted, but often not before a quick screen grab keeps that typo alive for eternity. 

    ginger social media spell checkerWhether you are a mom and pop business tweeting to 300 local customers or a global brand posting to 2 million Facebook fans, having a proofreader that goes above and beyond the capabilities of traditional spelling and grammar checkers is essential.  Ginger’s contextual spell and grammar checker will take care of this for you, for free. 

    The Ginger Proofreader corrects spelling and grammar mistakes based on the context of complete sentences, by comparing each sentence to billions of similar sentences from the web. 

    Download Ginger for free for PCs to use with MS-Office, or download it as a Chrome or Safari Extension if you are using a Mac to keep all of your social media error free. 

    What tips do you have for avoiding social media mistakes? Leave your tip in a comment below…

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